10 years slowmo byebye

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Dear slowmo friends.

For now we have to say good bye.


10 years of slowmo are coming to an end.

10 years in the textile industry, whose far-reaching impact on humanity and the environment is often still being underestimated, even though the textile industry is one of the oldest and according to numbers of employees and profits one of the biggest industries of the producing economy.


To be able to assess the social, economical and ecological relevance of textiles, we have to consider the entire production chain from fiber to disposal.


This is what we have always done at slowmo. We coordinated every step of the production chain ourselves and tested each step on its sustainability. Passionately we worked on creating structures enabling us to produce fundamentally sustainable and fair trade clothing.


We have come to the conclusion that this industry is growing slower than we had hoped and that it still has a long way to go.


Therefore we have to change course an let slowmo rest for a while. We will continue to be involved in social justice, environmental protection and conservation and we will never stop looking for alternatives.


We produced all our pieces for you, our customers and you deserve a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope you enjoyed many wonderful moments in your slowmo clothing and that many of them live on for years to come!

We all take responsibility for the entire production chain by making buying decisions. Let's make them deliberately!


Thank you for your continues support and trust in us!

We say good bye with the slogan we started with:

Look lovely... smile beautifully... stay open minded... and keep it slowmo.


With our best wishes,

the slowmo's

Felicia and Melchior Moss