Friday, January 8, 2016

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We wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year!

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. Many of you have been with us since the very beginning and we couldn't have done it without your unwavering support!

It all got started in one of the typical Berlin courtyard apartments. The siblings Felicia and Melchior Moss accepted the challenge to re-define the textile industry, by slowing down the pace. Since that day 10 years ago we have strived to combine social and environmental responsibility with the highest quality and timeless design.


With your buying decisions each one of you has an impact on our world, social structures and our environment. You actively made the choice for fair trade, organic clothing, supported fair working conditions, organic farming and environmentally friendly produced fabrics with your purchases. You contribute to a better world.

We highly respect and want to thank you for your actions!


Longtime and tight knit collaborations with our production teams make slowmo products possible, but you are the ones closing the circle by actually going out and purchasing slowmo clothing.


You probably remember the african quote we like to use:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together...“

We want to continue on this path with you and provide you with more in-depth insights and background information.


We will continue to make our ideas reality and even though the new shop and website have not been launched, you can already find new content and more transparency on the old site.

The slowmag contents will be posted at until the new slowmo and slowmag website is launched. There will not be a printed version of the slowmag until then.


Fair Fashion Sale!

For our 10 year anniversary we would like to invite you to our studio in Friedrichshain, Berlin for a Fair Fashion Sale! You can find new favorites for amazingly low prices! There will be Womens and Mens fashion, Kids and Babies clothing and accessories.

This is because we like variety and asked some of our colleagues to offer their last season items or pieces with slight defects at our Fair Fashion Sale. We are looking forward to a colorful, organic and fair trade selection! Besides our slowmo pieces you will find these brands:

Caro e. | CharLe | Batata | Bleed | Format | sekai colori | slowmo | Treches


When: January 21st – 24th, 2016

Thu.+ Fri. 2pm-8pm , Sat. + Sun. 11am-6pm

Where: slowmo home, Kopernikusstrasse 34, 10243 Berlin

S+U Station Warschauer Strasse


New ideas, new location...

we are moving and want to travel light weight…

Which gives you the opportunity to also buy sewing supplies, inventory, retail clothes racks, frames etc. for low prices at the Fair Fashion Sale.

At this time we are looking for a next tenant for our beautiful, bright rooms with kitchen, cellar, terrace and garden located in Friedrichshain! For more information please contact us:

Friday, August 21, 2015

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summer sale!


In plaine summer every day tempts us with cosy warm sunrays.

Take a look at our webshop to find refreshing offers for hot hours at the beach as well as cosy knit for cooler evenings under the stars.

Fun colors and materials in our usual organic quality top off your summertime.


slowmag raffle

we prolong the participation until 31. August, so don't miss your chance!!


ECF – Farmerboys

The farmerboys run Europe's biggest urban Aquaponik-Farm right here in Berlin.

Aside from fish, which will be ready for sale at October, they produce herbs and vegetables in a extraordinary quality.

For our raffle we have 3 well-filled vegetable boxes at disposal.

To participate send us a mail with the subject „Farmerboys“ at until August 31st, 2015.


Weleda – pomegranate

soybeans – not only the food industry makes big use of it.

slowmag issue 17 offers various articles about this little magic bean.


Weleda offers 5 nail care sets made not only with precious pomegranate but also with exclusive organic soy oil.

Take your chance and send us a mail with the subject „Weleda“ at until August 31st, 2015.

Monday, July 6, 2015

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The true cost - a movie recommendation

The true cost of fashion. People who follow tempting cheap offers without thinking about it often call themselves "fashion victims". But very different people are the true victims of this fashionindustrie. This movie draws a clear picture of that fact.

A thoroughly researched movie about the fate of those who pay the real price for cheap clothing.

You can buy or rent the movie right here:



The days are starting to get shorter after the european heliotrope in the end of June. But the really high temperatures are coming up and give us a real summer feeling.

The good weather makes us want to go outside and meet friends.

It feels good to enjoy the very hot days in the shade with good ice-cream or cold watermelon and charge our batteries.

We wish you a recreative and creative summerbreak.

Keep it slowmo!


Friday, June 12, 2015

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Cheers on the lawn

We had a great celebration last Saturday at the Malzwiese to welcome the summer.

Following our theme „care for what you wear“ we presented a small collection which is now also available in our shop, just as we had promised.

There is our classic shirt ISI and a summerly tanktop with the nice typo print in light yellow and soft salmon color. Also we have two kinds of bags with white letters and a red heart.

You can find the limited collection under „new arrivals“ in the webshop, as long as stock lasts...


Sewing instead of buying, a slowmo cooperation

Aylin x Schnittmuster Berlin: self made instead of buying for one year!

The name of this blog already reveals what it is all about. Aylin wants to make her clothes herself instead of buying for one whole year.

She got in touch with us in April and asked us if we would want to support her.

She just made her first top from fine cotton Jersey.

Have a look on her blog, it's German only though... Maybe Aylin inspires you for the one or other DIY (do it yourself) summer piece for yourself.

Friday, May 22, 2015

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The 5th anniversary of the Malzwiese festival taking place at the Malzfabrik is titled „Die Wiese JUBELT!“

slowmo has been part of this wonderful event with music, food and a nice market of sustainable goods since the beginning in 2010. We will bring a small selection of shirts and knits and are looking forward to seeing you there, spend a nice summer day together and enjoy the festival. Following our slowmo motto „care for what you wear“ we will also present a limited edition of slowmo products!

For all those who will not be able to come by: there will be a chance to get the limited edition in our webshop as long as stock lasts.


When: June, 6th, starting at noon, free entry |||  Wo: Malzfabrik, Bessemer Str. 2-14







The new slowmag is here!

For all those who don't speak German: get friends to help you in translating! It contains great articles all about the lifestyle of health and sustainability but is only available in German. You can find all details in the German version of this newsletter.








Organic Cotton

Cotton, the white gold.

Cotton is probably the most well known and most often used natural fiber; soft, hard-wearing and with a high ability of moisture regain.

These characteristics make cotton an excellent fiber for clothing. It's success story started only 251 years ago with the invention of the „Spinning Jenny“.

Cotton became suitable for large-scale production, because it was now able to be worked with industrially and therefore at lower costs. Step by step other fibers like linen, hemp or wool vanished.

The consequences of this development on our environment, working conditions and society got more and more visible just in the last few years.

In comparison to other crops cotton needs a lot of water. 2,2lb of cotton need depending on the clime between 22,000lb and 64,000lb of water.

Water that also transports all poisonous substances sputtered on the plants into the ground water. And there are more toxins on cotton than on any other cultivated crop.


The natural cycle of nature gets manipulated in order to raise the profits. The perennials are only planted for one season and in a monoculture. The harvest gets speeded up through highly toxic defoliants. The lack of nutritive substances in the dirt caused by monoculture is compensated through chemical fertilizers which make the plant more prone to insects. More insecticides and pesticides are being used.

In order to have a better control crops are often genetically modified. The market is being controlled by monopolists like Monsanto.

It remains to be seen what the consequences will be for our future. It is a fact though, that a system has been established, that ruins millions of farmers and leads to a high rate of suicide. It is no longer possible to get the money needed for expensive crops, fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides with these often times bad and inferior yields.

We should notice that this does not only have an impact on the farmers and their surrounding latest when we wear cotton clothing. The toxical substances remain in the fibers and get transported into our body through the skin. Consumers can not find out if the crop of the cotton used has been genetically modified.

But: cosumers have the choice: organic cotton is the alternative.

Organic farming preserves variety and proscribes genetic engineering. The well-tried way of planting in a three season rythm allows the earth to recover and obviates therefore elutriation and erosion. The other cultivated crops like sunflower and beans are also used to reduce insects and create an additional income for the farmers.

Organic fertilizers bind nitrogen instead of ejecting it. Eutrophic grounds are able to bind more water and so the usage can be reduced. Organic farming costs less, often brings more income because of the high quality fibers and supplies toxic free cotton for the consumer.

We will report in an article about colors, dying, printing and finishing why this does not necessarily mean toxic free garments.