Made in Germany

The textile value chain is long and highly complex. Typical production chains include very long transportation distances between each step along the chain. Not so at slowmo.

Slowmo products are made by german businesses. By keeping the entire production in Germany we strengthen our communities and reduce our environmental impact by shortening out transportation distances and giving us greater oversight on working conditions. Social systems and occupational safety standards and wages are some of the highest in the world, guaranteeing the best working conditions for everyone involved in producing slowmo products.

We work with various companies depending on their specialties and their available machinery. This enables us to work with reliable specialists in each category of the production. All our producers are defined by reliability and high quality work.


made in Germany“ A short history of the textile industry in Germany


The textile industry is one of the oldest in Germany and it had the most employees and highest revenue in the industrial sector of the german economy.

In the middle-ages, production took place in domestic work groups or in small textile craftsmanships mostly in the central german uplands. These businesses lost their importance at the end of the 18th century when spinning machines and mechanical weaving looms were invented in England. Furthermore local fibers like linen, hemp and wool were being replaced with imported cotton. This lead to impoverishment and economic misery, culminating in the „Weberaufstand“(protest of the weavers).

After World War II the Ruhr region of Germany grew into an important area for textile production. Since the 1960’s textile production in Germany has significantly decreases due to imports from Asia and highly refined mass-production. slowmo wants to counter that trend.