slowmo. For people who care.

slowmo was founded for people who put community in the center of their lives to better themselves. It was founded for people who like to express their personality without doing it on the backs of others. Who care for quality and transparency. Who ask questions and are searching for answers. For all those, who want to create a more just and healthy world.


slowmo. The Name

slowmotion means to slow down motion sequences. slowmo means to give everything its time and value. In the fast pace of our times, we focus on calmness and durability.


Authenticity. Corporate Responsibility

slowmo is a value based, family-run business. Together with our partners we accept responsibility for our actions and the consequences they will have for our customers, workers, society and the environment.

We don’t just deal with the symptoms; we want to understand and change the causes.


Social Justice. Handmade Quality

The foundation of fairness is the acceptance of others. slowmo products are fair trade and certified organic. We verify every process for its social and environment impact. Slowmo stands for fair wages, humane working conditions and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes throughout the entire production chain.


The Design

slowmo- clothes are quality products that are created with the intention to make you feel comfortable. The style is clean and timeless and every piece is made to last, rather than focused on seasonal trends.


Us. The slowmo story

The company slowmo was founded in January 2006 with the intention to stand up for social justice, environmental protection and to offer honest, fair trade and high quality products. These are still our principals to this day!

We, Felicia and Melchior Moss as siblings and business partners were convinced when we named our company slowmo that things needed their time and we accepted the challenge to re-define the fast paced fashion industry. Our strengths is a consistent, deliberate and sustainable course of action.

We will continue to rethink and make great products in conjunction with our established partners and networks throughout the industry. The consequences of our behaviors play the main roll in our decisions making.

Our motivation is to be creative while facing the challenges of the 21st century.

Structures need to be re-thought and re-shaped. It is just as important for us to improve, question and develop concepts as it is to produce the products themselves. The focal point of it all is humanity and the environment.

slowmo. For people who care.